Indestructible Black Solid Leather Heavy Duty Belt
Indestructible Black Solid Leather Heavy Duty Belt
Indestructible Black Solid Leather Heavy Duty Belt
Shining Rock Goods indestructible solid leather handmade heavy duty belt built to carry your gear LEO gifts standard nickel silver belt buckel

Indestructible Black Solid Leather Heavy Duty Belt

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Heavy Duty and Indestructible

Our handmade Indestructible Black Double Thick Solid Leather Heavy Duty Belts are built to last. Not glued, never stitched, one piece of the most heavy duty one ply leather found.  These leather belts are designed to stand up to long hours of hard work and tough wear. Made with solid full grain Herman Oaks harness leather.  Veg tanned with tree bark and other natural tannins and without the use of harsh chemicals.  Drum dyed to ensure maximum dye penetration through out the leather.

Handmade in Asheville, NC USA

Clip your gear on and off again and again without weakening the belt or creating folds in the leather.  We guarantee our Gun Belts belts for up to 20 years. Our goods are crafted in our retail storefront in Asheville, North Carolina.  We start with high quality Old World Russet leather from Hermann Oaks Tannery, (USA).  Our heirloom quality solid leather belts are designed to offer classic style and durability.   

Keep Gear Secure

Our belts include our standard roller buckle in stainless steel or brass.  Our belts include secure Chicago screws so you can interchange your buckles while keeping your gear secure.  Treat yourself to a product that endures the test of time and the demands of hard work. We hope our leather goods will become a forever favorite in your collection!

If you already have a belt that you own (or someone you’re buying for), you can measure the belt from end to the hole it is worn on NOT including the buckle (in inches). That will be the belt size and we will add additional holes in both directions to accommodate for going up or down in size. This is the best way to get a good fit.

As a general rule of thumb, belt is 2 sizes larger than pants, so if you don’t have a belt, if the pants size is 36, the belt size would be 38- but this is not as accurate since sizes among clothing brands can vary.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Or you can also call our shop at 828-251-0057.

Most orders ship within 5-7 business days. We ship with USPS and tracking information will be email to you once your order has left our studio.

Handcrafted in
Asheville, North Carolina.

Originally founded by
Paul Taylor in 1965.

Quality craftsmanship
that endures generates of use